Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is the process of purposefully changing the physical and / chemical properties of the materials by heating or cooling to extreme temperatures in order to achieve hardness or softness in material.

Heat treatment process includes several techniques based on the requirement & carries different temperature ranges may it be heating or cooling and are carried out in different methods such as heating in Furnace or by flame and some non-contact method like Induction hardening. They are carried out by various ways below are the different techniques

1. Annealing
2. Normalizing
3. Stress relieving
4. Aging
5. Quenching
6. Tempering

Above we discussed about the process and techniques to be chosen depending upon the demand, but its time to gather possible failures before process, during process and post process. Generally, we can figure out possible ways as mentioned below
1. Failure in selection of process to particular material type.
2. Wrong temperature range selection.
3. Material quality.
4. Furnace or heat-treating equipment failure

And probable failure list will go on increasing by brainstorming with expert engineer.

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